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Business connection

If you have a product or service and you are looking for new business opportunities, we will be happy to help you find new business connections.


We work with all types of consulting tasks where there is a need to help with specific challenges in your business.

Import and export

We import and export products from and to Denmark from southern Europe. Products are placed on the market through our dating companies or through our business partner.

Over 15+ Years of Experiences

We have been on the market for a number of years and have helped with the implementation of many projects and businesses.

Let Benoa be the unifying puzzle

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

With the great knowledge of the Scandinavian and southern European markets, we have in recent years helped a number of companies to expand their business areas.

In order to live good businesses in addition to having good products with competitive prices, it is very important to know local conditions and cultural differences. At Benoa, we try to help our customers create business strategies that are adapted to local conditions.


Not all days are quiet in the north of Europe

Sometimes it is important to gather thoughts and forces of unfamiliar nature. In most cases, Benoa’s good ideas come when we least expect them.

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